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High volume frying with an economical footprint

The Henny Penny 340 Series large capacity open fryers offer maximum frying surface area, greater throughput from tremendous recovery, easy to use controls and built-in filtration to maximize oil life and profits.

340 Series Open Fryer

The large-capacity configuration of Henny Penny 340 Series open fryers gives you a precise balance of frying surface area and equipment footprint. The 340 Series features a larger, wider, fry vat to produce more consistent frying results for items that float while cooking — and with built-in oil filtration and high-efficiency elements that help extend oil life, you get all the benefits of Henny Penny engineering in one functional design.

The 340 Series is available in gas and electric models with an optional auto-lift mechanism for added convenience.

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  • Larger, wider, vat provides greater surface area for more even cooking.
  • Cold zone between heating elements helps extend oil life.
  • Built-in filtration system flushes remnants using over-the-top oil return.
  • Basket holder design allows for easy basket set and release.
  • Computron 1000 (standard on all models except those with auto-lift) features programmable control, LED time/temp display and simple up/down arrows.
  • Computron 8000 (standard on models with auto-lift, additional charge for other models) features 12 programmable cook cycles, load compensation, idle/melt/cleanout modes, proportional control, water detection alert, an optional filter prompt, customizable filter tracking and a 16-character digital display with multiple language settings.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel vats come with a 7-year warranty.
  • Stainless steel body panels allow for easy cleaning and long service life.
  • Electric models have high-efficiency heating elements generate fast temperature recovery and energy savings (electric models only).
  • Gas models feature high-efficiency burners with solid-state ignition, as well as a high-reliability heat-exchange design for added efficiency and faster temperature recovery.
Henny Penny 340 Series Open Fryer