320 Series Split Vat


Several factors set Henny Penny's SmartCombi™ apart as the premium combi oven on the market. The most important is our Advance Steam Technology, a better method for generating relative moisture and a cooking climate that bridges the gap between de-liming problems associated with boiler combis and the poor steam generation inherent in boilerless systems. The SmartCombi™'s ability to prepare any number of menu items makes other equipment such as steamers, grills and convection ovens obsolete. The Smart Menu™ control panel groups items within categories identified by simple graphics, saving time and reducing the possibility of error. More effecient use of time and labor, decreased downtime, and lower energy bills means the SmartCombi™ can earn full lifecycle payback within 1-2 years.

Better Solutions

Henny Penny Combi Oven Key Features

4 Cooking Modes

  • Moist heat - Steaming
  • Dry heat - Convection
  • Combination cooking
  • Rethermalilzing

Boilerless Advanced Steam Technology™

  • Robust steam production without the deliming and maintenance issues associated with boiler combis.
  • Patented heat exchange system keeps water hot for instant steam while using less energy

WaveClean™ Automated Cleaning System

  • Significantly reduces water and detergent consumption
  • 2-in-1 cleaning cartridge combines detergent and rinse agent
  • Cleans, rinses and dries with no supervision
  • 2008 NRA Kitchen Innovations award

Sustainable Design - Henny Penny Healthy Planet

  • Uses less than a third of the water typically consumed by boiler-style combis
  • Energy efficient design with insulated cabinet, triple-pane glass doors (standard on SmartCombi) and patented AST heat exchange system
  • Compact 2-in-1 cleaning cartridge uses less detergent and generates less packaging waste

Ready2Cook one-touch preheat, cooldown

Auto-reverse fan for fast, even cooking

Long-lasting, top quality stainless steel components, and construction

Henny Penny Better Solutions
Henny Penny SmartCombi
Henny Penny SpaceSaver Compact SmartCombi


  • Automatic humidity control - Maintains select humidity level from 0-100% relative humidity
  • Active humidity reduction - Removes Excess humidity in dry heat or combi modes
  • SmartMenu™ cooking programs - Icon-basednavagitation and USB port
  • Advanced LED display - View settings, status, service diagnostics and prompts.
  • Overnight Cooking Capability - Slow Roast and Hold low temperature cooking and Delta-T Cooking programs

Space$aver™ Compact SmartCombi

  • SmartCombi power and features in a narrow < 22 in. wide tabletop cabinet
  • SmartMenu
  • Automatic humidity control
  • 5 or 6 tray capacity


  • Same high-quality construction and performance with a more basic control package
  • Icon mode selection
  • time and temperature controls and LED display
  • Input up to 3 cooking steps for each cook cycle

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